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Maintenance of ceramic tiles

5 February, 2016
Longevity of tiles is not only dependent on the quality of materials and production techniques; it is also affected by maintenance methods. It is essentialfor the tiles to be properly cleaned in order to maintain their technical and aesthetic characteristics

Cleaning agents:

It is better to use either standard or tile-specific detergents. Do not use acidic agents that are concentrated and corrosive. Such materials may not damage the tiles, but they abrade the cement mortars between the tiles. It is noteworthy that only the mortar made of epoxy materials is resistant to chemical-induced corrosion.


Washing techniques:

Do not use coarse cloth and scouringpads when cleaning tiles. Otherwise, they must be applied very carefully when there is a necessity.  Such materials can leave scrapes and abrasions on the surface of glossy tiles.

Pollutions that cause erosion:

Specific types of pollution such as sand or dust can cause erosion on tiles. To prevent such pollutions, it is better to use suitable mats to clean the shoe soles before entering the building to keep out the pollutions.


Precaution and preservation:

Tiled surfaces are not flexible or plastic. They are only tolerate mild shocks. Falling down of heavy objects on them should be prevented. It is better to use elastic floor-covering materials in places with high chance of objects falling down and hitting ground, such as front of cooktops and sinks in kitchens.

Source: Marjan Tile Company

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